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It’s time to go back to my roots, to my training, the to thing that sparked my heart as a creative. Photography set me free, photography gave me heart.  Photography took my heart, photography silenced me and it’s been a true journey throughout the years, fighting industry standards and bucking up against my own values.   It is through lots of growth and intention that I start again.  I take a deep breath as I share this new little home on the internet world, a place where I can show my creative heart beat.  I have been deeply blessed with beautiful people from near and far and I am so excited to dive a little deeper and continue to grow in my craft as well as serve you.  Just a quick little run down of the new site:

On the Blog you will find the most current happenings.  This is where I will share with you the beautiful families who open up their homes, their hearts and lives with me.  You will also find the pure fun I have with seniors who are transitioning into a new season in life and the crazy fun travel and mentorship opportunities I offer. I will get real with you on the blog, I will speak truth and I will be truly open with you. If you have a question, ask. I am here to talk, share and learn with.

Under Families you can see my latest batch of work.  It’s raw, it’s real and I hope you can see a glimpse of my heart for life in general.  I practice daily gratitude and it overflows when I am shooting families.  It’s when I notice the small mundane things and through my camera and in my head I say “thank you” for 10 tiny toes and the little button nose. To learn exactly what a family experience might look like choose the drop down menu and explore the family experience.

If you explore the Seniors you will see the pure beauty, natural, raw and beyond fun time I have with my seniors.  When I show up to a senior shoot we always end up belly laughing but it goes beyond what we see and I invest in to the heart that I see.  It’s there where I know we can go together and from that place I see potential beyond the years, inspired by what their future might bring.  To learn exactly what a senior experience might look like choose the drop down menu and explore the senior experience.

If curiosity strikes you and you are looking to find out a little bit more about me then browse through the About.  I will be the first to tell you I am learning, constantly learning and desiring deeply to love all things and all beings fully.  My heart feels at times about to explode with passion and sometimes it just spills out. My deep introspective side is complimented by a crazy corky side. I love to laugh, I love life and I will get really real with you about the things that stand in my way in life and the things I love.

If after reading and seeing you want to book a session feel free to explore the Book a Session tab, or you can hit the Contact tab and I would be happy to talk to you on the phone or through a email.  I am here. I am so thrilled to share with your my perspective and heart through my photography.

Lastly if you want to follow my everyday, my travels follow me here on instagram.


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