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I am the mother of three boys who show me the sense of wander is as unlimited to how open I am. Sunshine makes me happy, I believe it’s ok to journey, it’s better to grow in love then fall in love, my childhood is my story and only owned by me, dreams come true, joys a choice, tomorrow has new mercies waiting for me when I wake, family fills my heart and it’s from that place I can love others.

Photography became my heartbeat, an extension of my everyday, an expression; it is where I found my empathetic heart for others and identifying with their unique life stages. My camera showed me the true heart of little children and this is where I was able to again embrace my memories of childhood and not loose my free sprit in my every day.

I believe in the power of connection through the glance of an eye, the slight squeeze of an arm, the gentle nuzzle of the shy baby. As a full time professional photographer for the past 14 years I have come to understand that curiosity has to be the driver to my shooting style, staying open, always watching and being ready so I can capture the beauty of you, just as you are.